Arlee Warriors release new suicide prevention video

Posted at 9:20 AM, Jan 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-15 11:20:31-05

ARLEE – One basketball team in Western Montana not only made an impact on the court last year — but in the community and beyond as well.

The Arlee Warriors started a push for suicide awareness in their community. Their “Warrior Strong” video gained national attention and spread faster than they could have imagined.

They have now released their new campaign video in hopes of spreading suicide prevention even further. Players and coaches talked about what the Warrior Movement means to them.

“For kids this age to be doing this stuff and trying to impact the world not just our little community. We try and do a lot in our community,” assistant basketball coach Frances Brown said. “And I’m glad it’s spreading out to more than just our little community. And I’m so proud of them it’s amazing what they’re doing.”

Forward Nathaniel Coulson said the team wants people to know it’s OK to be yourself.

“It doesn’t really matter about people and the negatives,” added Coulson, who is a senior. “When you have things like the warrior movement to help, I guess, distract people from, you know, all those things it really helps make a difference.”

Click here to watch the full video and visit the Join the Warrior Movement website.

-Reported by Jack Ginsburg/MTN News