Dragonfly pleads guilty to sexual abuse and distribution of drugs

Posted at 4:51 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 18:51:19-04

(GREAT FALLS) Bruce Edward Dragonfly has pleaded guilty to  aggravated sexual abuse and distribution of a controlled substance to a person under 21 years of age.

According to court documents, in 2015 the young girl attended a party at Dragonfly’s home.

The party was held so that all attendees could use methamphetamine together.

Court documents state that dragonfly gave meth to the girl, and she had performed sexual acts on him.

Over the next two years, Dragonfly continued providing methamphetamine to the girl.

Per the plea agreement, Dragonfly will not be charged for sexual offenses or drug distribution offenses related to six other juveniles.

(APRIL 9, 2018) Bruce Edward Dragonfly of Browning is facing charges of transfer of obscene material to a minor; coercion and enticement of a minor; and distribution of a controlled substance to a person under 21.

Federal court documents state that FBI agents reportedly found that Dragonfly sent sexual images to a 12-year-old girl, and gave her methamphetamine in exchange for sex with her friend.

Court documents say that Bengamin Yellow Owl provided investigators with information about Dragonfly after Yellow Owl pleaded guilty to similar charges in October 2017.

Yellow Owl reportedly told officers that he saw Dragonfly sending messages with pornographic images via Faceook to a 12-year-old girl, who was the same age as Yellow Owl’s victim.

Court documents state:

  • In July 2017, Benjamin Yellow Owl participated in an interview with the FBI after pleading guilty to Sexual Abuse of a Minor and Distributing a Controlled Substance to a Person Under 21.
  • Yellow Owl stated he saw Facebook messages sent from Bruce Dragonfly (“Dragonfly”) to Juvenile Female 1, who was then twelve years of age. According to Yellow Owl, these messages included “perverted” pictures, such as a female performing oral sex on a male. Yellow Owl stated that Dragonfly asked Juvenile Female 1 to bring her friends over to him. Yellow Owl estimated Dragonfly was in his late 40s and stated these messages were sent via Facebook.
  • In September and November of 2017, I received Facebook account information for two accounts maintained by Juvenile Female 1. Within Juvenile Female 1’s Facebook account were Facebook Messenger conversations between Juvenile Female 1 and a Facebook account with ID number 1101144818. The conversation between the two accounts centered on sexual activity and drug use and included pornographic pictures.
  • On July 2, 2017, Dragonfly sent Juvenile Female 1 messages and asked if she was becoming sexually aroused and discussed how he could make Juvenile Female 1 react if he were to perform sexual acts on her.
  • When questioned by investigators in December 2017, the girl reportedly told agents that she and another girl went to Dragonfly’s home, where the second girl would perform oral sex on him in exchange for meth, she said.
  • In an interview with the FBI on December 14, 2017, Juvenile Female 1 stated she had visited Dragonfly’s residence with other individuals, to include with a juvenile female named “Juvenile Female 2” Juvenile Female 1 stated Dragonfly provided her methamphetamine because, she believed, Juvenile Female 2 would give Dragonfly oral sex. Juvenile Female 1 stated Dragonfly provided her methamphetamine on five separate occasions. Juvenile Female 1 also stated on one occasion she drove to Missoula with Dragonfly to obtain methamphetamine. Juvenile Female 1 noted they smoked methamphetamine during the drive to Missoula.
  • During the interview, Dragonfly disclosed that he gave methamphetamine to Juvenile Female 1 on more than one occasion. He admitted that he knew Juvenile Female 1 was 12 years old at the time he provided methamphetamine to her. I discussed Dragonfly’s Facebook Messenger conversations with Juvenile Female 1 as more fully described herein. He acknowledged sending the messages to her as well as the pornographic pictures described herein. He further acknowledged that it was inappropriate but that it was his fantasy to receive oral sex from younger females like Juvenile Female 1. Finally, Dragonfly admitted that, just prior to the North American Indian Days in 2017, Juvenile Female 1 came to his home in Browning, Montana, and performed oral sex on him on approximately two occasions.

We have not yet been able to obtain a jail booking photo for Dragonfly.

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