Suspect in Helena murder arrested in Boulder

Posted at 3:27 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 16:27:13-05

The Helena Police Department says that Brandon LeClair, the suspect in a deadly shooting in Helena, has been arrested in Boulder.

Details of the arrest have not yet been released.

A warrant for LeClair’s arrest on a charge of deliberate homicide was issued on Wednesday morning.

The shooting happened at the Motel 6 on North Oregon Street. 

A 911 caller reported hearing a gunshot just before 1 a.m., and saw a man walking outside the motel with what appeared to be blood on his hands.

Officers found the body of a 31 year old man in the parking lot. Efforts to save his life were not successful.

The victim’s name has not yet been released.

(UPDATE, 3:40 p.m.) The man who was shot and killed has been identified as Kenneth Purcell, Jr., of Butte.

A witness told police that LeClair and Purcell began fighting in a motel room, and Purcell allegedly hit LeClair with a whiskey bottle and kicked him. 

The two men then went outside and continued fighting, where the shooting happened.

Investigators say that they found a "large amount " of meth in the motel room.

Travis Holly Stephens of Butte was also at the scene, and she has been charged with possession of meth.

We will update you as we get more information.