Winning “Montana Millionaire” ticket sold in Great Falls

Posted at 12:22 PM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-29 13:22:21-05

The million-dollar ticket in the Montana Millionaire lottery was sold in Great Falls.

The Montana Lottery revealed the results of the annual drawing on Thursday morning.

The winning ticket number is 12066.

Lottery representatives say the million-dollar ticket was sold at Kernaghan’s Pik and Pump on 8th Avenue North.

Montana Lottery representative Jennifer McKee said, "It’s so exciting, I mean this is the best time of year for us. The Montana Lottery loves the Millionaire game and we really love giving out prizes, so when we have so many big winners in one day, it’s a super exciting day around here."

Other prizes in the drawing are as follows:

$100,000 winning tickets/location:

  • 41934: Missoula
  • 52730: Troy
  • 61107: Livingston

$10,000 winning tickets/location:

  • 16649: Whitehall
  • 91647: Anaconda
  • 100967: Laurel
  • 102309: Hardin
  • 114871: Butte

We will update you when we get more details.

(DECEMBER 26, 2016) Tickets for the annual Montana Millionaire Lottery Game went on sale on November 1st, and all 150,000 of the $20 tickets had been sold as of last week.

While business owners say they don’t make much in direct profit from Lottery ticket sales, they do get many happy customers coming through their doors.

Rory Schulte, co-owner and manager of Schulte’s on 38th Street in Great Falls, said,  "Really for us, it’s just kind of the fun of having the terminal here. We don’t plan to make a ton of money on it, we don’t make a ton of money on it, we basically have it here for customers, and so when they come in, and they come in for this, maybe they’ll get something else or when they come in to buy something that we have, they see that we have it, and they then get to join in on the fun a little bit."

The Montana Millionaire Lottery game celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

On Thursday, December 29th, they’re announcing the winner of the one million dollar cash prize, as well as three $100,000 and five $10,000 cash prizes.

They’ve already had two early bird drawing winners: one worth $25,000, and one worth $15,000.

Of the lucky folks who got instant cash prizes, 625 people instantly won a $500 prize, and 400 people won a $100 cash prize.

One cashier explained the reaction a customer had after instantly winning $500 last week.

"A lady came in and she bought a Montana Millionaire for twenty dollars, and then the terminal started singing and it was an instant winner, five hundred dollars, and I told her she won five hundred dollars and then she started to cry for about a minute because she was so happy," explained Lisa Treacy.

Jack Barisich, an 86-year-old retired snow plow driver with the Montana Department of Transportation living in Winnett, claimed last year’s Montana Millionaire grand prize.

Click here to visit the Montana Millionaire web page.