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Unionville Schoolhouse gets moved to permanent home

Posted at 6:30 PM, Oct 30, 2023

HELENA — After six weeks, on Monday, the Unionville Schoolhouse was moved back to its previous location. Using wood, jacks and rollers the schoolhouse was returned to its former location.

“The Unionville school is getting set back down on a new foundation,” said Anna Baker, the Volunteer Project Coordinator.”

In mid-September, the schoolhouse was moved to make it possible to build a foundation under it.

Two years ago, when they went in to put in a new bell, the full extent of damage to the building was seen. Along with the lack of a foundation, there are also other parts of the building that need to be repaired.

“A lot of repair work still to be down on the floor joists and wall studs,” Baker said. “The siding that been removed will be put back on. The window will go back in in the spring, and we’ll rebuild that wall properly.”

“Inside this front edition will get some kind of wall surface and get cleaned up and untimely a cupula…which is already built…will go up on the roof with the bell.”

A grant from the Foundation for Montana History and funds from ARPA, were used to build the foundation and will be used for other future projects.

The schoolhouse is an important place for the Unionville community and has been in the community since the 1870’s.

“This building possibly was purchased by the Unionville community in 1872. The story is it was a mine office about a mile and a half from here,” said Baker.

It has been used as a community center since the 1950’s.

“It’s because of this building that are community, are neighbors know one another and help each other,” Baker said. “Been a place for the community to have dance and potlucks for well over 100 years and it’s a vital part of the community.”