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New CEO takes the reins at Intermountain

Jamie Palagi
Posted at 6:24 PM, Apr 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-10 20:26:25-04

HELENA — Intermountain’s new full-time CEO Jamie Palagi took the helm on April 1, following 2023's planned closure of the organization’s residential facilities.

“I get to do my best work when I’m doing purpose-driven work, and so when the opportunity came up to think about joining the Intermountain team, it was really an easy decision for me,” said Jamie Palagi.

She has lived and worked in Helena for decades, and served in leadership roles for more than 27 years, including in state government and the private and non-profit sectors, specializing in serving children, families, and individuals in need.

“It definitely has been a warm reception. Living in Helena, having worked in Helena and Montana for so many years people know what I’m about and know that I’m true when I say I’m here for kids and families,” Palagi said.

Intermountain has served Helena and Montana for more than a century.

The organization offers residential behavior services to children ages four to 13.

Palagi takes over following a turbulent six months.

Fifty-five employees submitted a letter to the board and previous CEO expressing no confidence and last September Intermountain announced the temporary closure of their Helena residential program, but reversed course and remained open, although at a smaller scale.

The number of children served reduced from 16 to seven and cut staff from 55 to 36.

Palagi said she recognizes the need for the services Intermountain provides here in Helena and across Montana and adds that her goal is to grow the organization's services.

“We’ve tripled our outpatient therapy services since August. We’re going to continue to offer those services and continue to think about how we can grow them. We are operating one cottage right now in our residential campus. We’re working on plans now to think about how we continue to grow those services,” said Palagi.