Missoula International Airport experiences flight delays and cancellations

Posted at 6:48 PM, Dec 28, 2021

MISSOULA — As families tried to make it home from the holidays, flights around the nation were canceled and delayed.

At the Missoula International Airport, they are feeling some of those effects.

As families travel for the holidays, Missoula International Airport Deputy Director, Tim Damrow, says they have experienced a record high number of travelers this holiday season.

Over the past couple of days, the Missoula Airport has seen more than five flight cancellations due to weather, mechanical issues and crew shortages. As well as some delays.

Meanwhile, on Dec. 26, at Glacier Park International Airport there were five delays and three cancellations mostly due to weather.

Missoula Airport's deputy director says flight delays and cancellations are due to a wide range of issues.

“A lot of disruption in national airline networks so all the aircraft coming into Missoula coming in from all across the country," said Missoula International Airport Deputy Director, Tim Damrow. "So depending on the area, whatever weather is affecting that region, can affect that subsequent outbound flights here out of Missoula."

Some of the travel headaches come from other airports.

"We saw a pretty significant storm in Seattle, which impacted a big part of their operation, but then everything just kind of under the sun that we're used to seeing from staffing shortages to mechanical issues, and especially over the holidays, airlines are really, they kind of ramp up their capacity to be maximizing and making sure they're getting people across the country where they need to be but subsequently, there's usually not a lot of room for error when it does occur," said Damrow. "And as we know, in winter that is quite frequently.”

Both airports tell MTN News that none of the fight delays or cancellations are due to COVID-19 complications.