Travelers can now book Southwest tickets on Google Flights

Southwest says it wants Google's travel-booking tool to help enhance the budget airline's visibility.
Google Flights and Southwest airlines
Posted at 3:22 PM, May 22, 2024

Travelers who previously weren't able to see results for Southwest Airlines when booking trips on the popular reservation search tool Google Flights will now see the airline as an option, as Southwest hopes the tool will give them "enhanced visibility."

Southwest said it will now extend the reach of its own booking site,, by giving fans of the budget carrier the option to see results for flights they offer on Google Flights. Passengers booking will see "available flights, fares, and the benefits of our products and services," the company said in a statement.

Travel site Skift reported that while it was unclear when the change happened, it appeared that results for the airline began popping up in searches on Wednesday.

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"We’re excited to continue finding ways to expose more consumers to the appeal of our unique combination of value, friendly and flexible policies, and a breadth of flight service," the statement read.

In late April the company announced major changes as it pulled out of at least four airports in the U.S. and Mexico and cut around 2,000 jobs amid profitability issues. The company called it a "difficult decision" and blamed Boeing for aircraft delivery delays that created "significant challenges for both 2024 and 2025."

Days later Southwest launched a customer compensation program for flight delays that would offer travel vouchers to customers, upon request, who experience flight delays of three or more hours.