Helena florist gives out free seed kits for kids

Florist Gives Out Free Seed Kits for Kids
Posted at 1:43 PM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 20:47:02-04

The Floral Cottage in Helena is spreading joy one brown bag at a time. Last week, The Floral Cottage decided to make free Seeds of Love kits, and set them outside their shop. Each kit contains two flower pots, a bag of seeds, a bag of soil, and directions on how to plant the seeds. Within just two hours of setting the bags outside the shop, 80 bags were picked up by people in the community.

Pamela Lee owns The Floral Cottage and decided to make the free bags as a way to help parents, and also give kids who are home from school a fun, educational activity to do with their families.

Lee says she had no idea the bags would be so popular, but she's glad to see them being utilized by the community.

She added, "A lot of people who have grabbed bags, they've actually shared pictures of their kids planting up the seeds and everything at home. They've shared those pictures back with me, and its all part of the community. I mean nobody is in this alone is kind of the big thing we're all in it together so we have to work as a community."

Pamela says they are staying open for business, and they have been practicing social distancing for several weeks. They will deliver flowers with no contact, and they also sanitize all of their vases before delivering them on people's doorsteps.

Pamela said she has made more Seeds of Love bags, and they'll be outside the shop ready for pick up!