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GFPS Foundation announces BNSF Teachers of the Year

Posted at 8:12 PM, May 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-25 01:54:53-04

Of the 67 teachers honored in the Great Falls Public Schools Foundation’s 'Excellence in Education' program, two were selected to receive the unique distinction: BNSF Railway Teacher of the Year.

Great Falls educators Callie Ross and Beth Britton have each been designated as a 2020 BNSF Railway Teacher of the Year.

BNSF Railway Director of Public Affairs Maia LaSalle congratulated the two educators on their titles.

“Congratulations to Ms. Beth Britton of C.M. Russell High School as well as Mrs. Callie Ross of Riverview Elementary. BNSF applauds your commitment to your classroom and your community!,” LaSalle said.

Moments after hearing the announcement, C.M. Russell High School journalism teacher Beth Britton shared her reaction upon hearing the news. “It's just such a good feeling to know that the hard work that you put into your job is being recognized,” Britton said.

Callie Ross, a third-grade teacher at Riverview Elementary School, said the award was nowhere on her radar. “When you’re in the lower kinda get lost in the shuffle. You know in the last couple years is when I first had kids graduate…I didn’t ever think that this would happen - not on the radar - I just wanted to go and connect with kids,” Ross said.

While Ross was unprepared to receive the distinction, Britton explained she had applied for the BNSF award previously, with the hope she could use the $2,500 award for her students.

“This is the second time I've applied for BNSF- knowing that the money can be used in my classroom or taking kids to the legislature to watch the reporters in action there….that’s what I really want to do with it, is get kids out and watching professional journalists,” Britton said.

Both Britton and Ross are passionate about their profession and hope their teaching makes a difference in the lives of their students.

“My life is my job. I can’t imagine not doing it,” Britton said.

“They're not going to necessarily remember everything I taught but they’ll remember how I made them feel or that I came to their 4th grade dance recital or their flag football game. That’s what they remember,” Ross said.

Below is a list of all 2020 Excellence in Education honorees selected by the Great Falls Public Schools Foundation:

1. Tess Jacobs
2. Ed McNamee
3. Beth Britton
4. Christine Sundly
5. Chris Hibbert
6. Brenda Lowry
7. Erica Davis
8. Steve Olson
9. Brad Packer
10. Christi Virts
11. Burke Allen
12. Jeremy Comstock
13. Anne Bulger
14. Aric Hagen
15. Steven Skaer
16. Niki Amo
17. Scott Smart
18. Julie Easton
19. Bob Stingley
20. Chris Crocker
21. Christine Baroch
22. Suzanne Sturges
23. Jerry Schmitz
24. Sean Donnelly
25. Rob Truax
26. Samantha Stevens
27. Aaron Brien
28. Darcie Aakre
29. Michelle Brown
30. Yenta Jaques
31. Marjie McClellan
32. Jerry Olson
33. Curtis Valladolid
34. Deborah Lins
35. Anne Stevenson
36. Everett Hall
37. Lauree Wenger
38. Brian Dues
39. Lacee Shanahan Lewis
40. Debby Kelly
41. Elizabeth Quinby
42. Callie Ross
43. Mary Somerfeld
44. Stacie Skawinski
45. Dennis Mora
46. Lisa Frank
47. Andrew Nagengast
48. Lainie Warneke
49. Lori Edwards
50. Terry Flanagan
51. Erin Telleen
52. Jennifer Newman
53. Amy Harrell
54. Harold Hugg
55. Julie Delgado
56. Diane Moog
57. Bill Salonen
58. Luis Carranza
59. Daniel Rediske
60. Patricia Stratton
61. Margaret Houge
62. Lisa Shull
63. Sandy Brown
64. Keith Davey
65. Kirsten Dige
66. Christine Lencioni
67. Drew Uecker