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Ditch the fish pics! Dating profiles with dog pics score more matches

No more fish pics, please! It turns out that 42% of dating profile users get the "ick" from pictures of you holding the fish you caught.
Ditch the fish pics! Dating profiles with dog pics score more matches
Posted at 12:45 PM, Feb 07, 2024

Whether it's true attraction or just a case of puppy love, a new study shows that dating profiles featuring furry friends are likely to fetch more matches.

Rover, a pet care service company, found that 60% of those surveyed (1,000 people) prefer dating profiles with dog photos, while 83% of online daters believe that these pics can increase matches, and 64% found that they help start conversations.

But it’s not just about having a cute puppy pic in your profile — it's much deeper than that. Research suggests that dog owners with pictures that show well-cared-for pets are viewed as more likable, approachable, attractive, and easier to talk to, according to Philip Tedeschi, a professor and human-animal bond researcher.

“There is a reason that these stats suggest people feel more comfortable or are attracted to a person with a pet. The key, however, is that the pet must be genuinely flourishing and showing indicators of a sense of well-being in the presence of the person,” said Tedeschi. “In scientific terms, this is called neuroception of safety. In other words, our brains inform us about issues like whether being intimate with someone is a good idea based on preconscious information taken in from this type of observation. The presence of a safe dog offers that information. It’s the 'all clear' message.”

For your next date, you may even want to bring your little fur baby with you, as the survey also shows that taking your dog on your first date can reduce anxiety and boost comfort. And of course, the survey found that the favorite breed most people swipe right on is the golden retriever.

Additionally, the survey revealed that 42% of respondents get "the ick" from fish pics, and among those who confessed to having one, 51% reported having no Valentine’s date this year.

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