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One Class At A Time: Pamela Murnion

Posted at 9:20 AM, Oct 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-14 11:20:40-04

HELENA — This week’s One Class at a Time recipient is Rossiter Elementary School teacher Pamela Murnion.

Murnion is working to feature more diversity in her classroom through literature.

Members of First Interstate Bank were joined by KXLH to surprise her third grade classroom with a $250 check.

The money from the grant will be used to purchase more children’s literature books that show underrepresented communities.

Murnion says showing children that we live in a big diverse world helps them gain empathy for others who are different.

“In Montana we don’t have a real diverse population here so I think it’s really good that we use books as windows and mirrors as we read,” said Murnion.

Murnion added she’s incredibly thankful for being chosen as a One Class at a Time recipient.

“That your so much to the committee. This money, it’s going to do a lot in my classroom,” said Murnion.

For more than a decade, First Interstate Bank and MTN have partnered for the One Class at a Time grant.

The mission of the grant is to foster educational opportunities for local teachers and students.

A panel of retired teachers and school officials select the grant recipients from a pool of submitted applications.

For more information about One Class at a Time, including how to apply, visit here.