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One class at a Time: Kristin Bouchard

Posted at 9:08 AM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 11:08:57-05

HELENA — This week’s One Class at a Time recipient is Helena Christian School math teacher Kristin Bouchard.

Bouchard is making sure every student in her classroom has the tools to succeed.

Members of First Interstate Bank were joined by KXLH to surprise her at Helena Christian with a $250 check.

The money will be used to buy scientific graphing calculators for students who can’t afford the cost otherwise.

Bouchard says because the calculators are such a big part of the lesson work, not having one has a huge impact on the student’s success.

“If they don’t have them to use hands-on and learn how to use them, then A, they can’t do the assignment, but then B, when they have other assignments they don’t know how to use their calculators,” explained Bouchard. “So it can be pretty detrimental if they don’t have the tools that they need because we’re using them hands on every single day in class.”

Bouchard will also use part of the money to create a charging station for the calculators.

For more than a decade, First Interstate Bank and MTN have partnered for the One Class at a Time grant. The mission of the grant is to foster educational opportunities for local teachers and students.

A panel of retired teachers and school officials select the grant recipients from a pool of submitted applications.

For more information about One Class at a Time, including how to apply, visit here.