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Montana start-up Big Sky Baked & Loaded featured on The Blox reality show

Billings entrepreneur Kate Mysse one of 60 cast out of 20,000 applicants
Posted at 10:40 AM, Jan 26, 2023

BILLINGS - What started as a love for the food truck scene and baked potatoes landed one Montana woman on the reality show The Blox, by BetaBlox.

The start-up competition pits 60 cast members who are all start-up entrepreneurs against each other in a competitive show, created by MTV’s “The Challenge” star Wes Bergmann.

Now post-filming, Billings-based Kate Mysse is back in her own kitchen working to scale her business with kolaches.

“The best way I've described it to people is, it's kind of like a hot pocket but 50 times better,” said Mysse, Big Sky Baked & Loaded owner. “I went on the show for my loaded baked potatoes. My business is Big Sky Baked and Loaded.”

Kate's kolaches are a sweet and savory delight, designed to end up on coffee shop menus in Montana and beyond very soon, with a scalable business model moving her baked goods from food truck to coffee kiosk, to the grocery store.

“When you go to a coffee kiosk the first thing you see is a breakfast burrito or breakfast sandwich, so having a completely different food option at a coffee shop that someone is already coming to and frequenting every day to get their caffeine fix, and then you’re offering them something new, it’s going to be exciting. It's going to create a lot of buzz,” said Mysse.

Even more buzz with season five of The Blox out on streaming on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023. It's a reality show produced by MTV star Wes Bergmann, featuring 60 start-up entrepreneurs from across the United States, out of 20 thousand plus applicants.

“He started it as kind of a business incubator program,” said Mysse. “I wasn't sure what to expect when I first came on. I'm very competitive, so I was like coming on, I want to win, I want to do all this. It changed a little when you got there because you met so many people from all over the country with all these different business ideas.”

You’ll have to binge-watch all six episodes on The Blox app or Facebook Watch to see how Kate’s kolaches fared in the reality show competition, but we do know she’s walking away with a lot of business knowledge, all packed into seven intense days of filming in Kansas City this past August.

“It was an awesome experience from an emotional point, from a business standpoint to creating connections. It's just given me a lot of foundation and a lot of things that I can just implement. It would have taken people several years to learn what you learn in like one week there,” said Mysse.

Season five of The Blox launched on Jan. 26, 2023. Search Beta-Blox on Facebook Watch or download The Blox app to binge-watch episodes.