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I swear by this body wash for my perimenopausal skin dryness

I swear by this body wash for my perimenopausal skin dryness
Posted at 10:30 AM, Apr 26, 2024

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Dry, itchy skin was never really a problem for me until a few years ago. I grew up around humidity and not a whole lot of sunshine, and I’ve always moisturized my body after showers, which worked well for my skin type. Then, right when my perimenopausal body started changing in big ways (which I didn’t notice because no one talks about perimenopause), I moved to the driest, sunniest climate I’d ever been to in my life.

My skin felt the change in location immediately. Between the high desert altitude, the sun, the dry air and the hard water, everything I’d learned about caring for my skin changed overnight. I spent the first two years in my new locale trying every single moisturizing cream, serum, hydrating mask and potion under the sun to find some relief for my skin. Eventually, I learned that a pump of glycerine and a thick layer of Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream is what I need to feel comfortable, along with water filters on my showerhead and faucets, and a humidifier that runs 24/7.

It wasn’t until last month, though, that I found a body wash that makes that routine even easier, and has actually allowed me to drop the glycerine altogether (this is a huge relief because pure vegetable glycerine is STICKY!) I received a bottle of California Naturals Body Wash as a PR sample, fully expecting it to be some underwhelming product I’d use from time to time, but I’m honestly shocked by how well this body wash moisturizes my skin.

How Does California Naturals Body Wash Work?

California Naturals Body Wash

$10 at Target

The consistency is very thick, and it has a pearly sheen to it that looks and feels nice and luxe. I add a small bit to a washcloth, run it over my body, then rinse it off.

When I use this body wash, I need less lotion after my shower. I know it’s the body wash making the difference because I keep it at my boyfriend’s house, so I only use it on the weekends. We use the same filter on our respective showers and when I bathe at home without the body wash, my skin feels itchy and dry — almost as soon as I step out of the tub.

When I shower at his place with the body wash, I have less of that tight skin feeling after I’ve dried off. I will always moisturize after every shower, but using this body wash has me using less product, and as I mentioned earlier, it has allowed me to cut the glycerine step altogether. It’s saving me time and money and making my day a bit easier.

What Makes California Naturals Body Wash Work So Well?

California Naturals Body Wash
Krissy Howard/Simplemost

So, what is it about this formula that makes it so great at hydrating the skin? I asked Victoria Fu, a cosmetic chemist and one-half of the duo behind Chemist Confessions, and she says that the plant oils are what’s really packing that punch.

“We always try to recommend choosing body washes that contain actual oils,” Fu explains. “It’s actually not as common as you think, being able to find plant oils in body washes.”

You can find sunflower seed and eucalyptus oil in this formula, plus two more that really make a difference on the skin: coconut and avocado.

“Oils like coconut and avocado have good compositions that help minimize potential dryness and tightness that typical body washes can leave,” she adds.

In addition to the healthy oils, this formula contains Vitamin E, glycerine and aloe vera, all of which work to moisturize and protect the skin’s barrier. Even better, the body wash does not contain sulfates, which can be drying for some people. This makes it less bubbly and lathery than other soaps, but because the consistency is so creamy and velvety I really don’t mind.

California Naturals Body Wash
Krissy Howard/Simplemost

Now, for the scent of the body wash. This is definitely a product that contains fragrance and it is pretty strong, so keep that in mind if you’re scent-averse. I would compare the odor to “chamomile tea with a bit of milk in it,” which I find kind of soothing and nice and definitely not too floral.

The product page lists bergamot and dreamwood as the fragrance notes in this particular formula. California Naturals also has a Super Moisture Body Wash that I have not used or smelled, which uses a blend of sweetgrass and fig for its scent.

The Bottom Line

I like this product because it works. It moisturizes my skin, I enjoy the smell, and a 12-ounce bottle costs $10, which is reasonable considering that a little goes a long way. I definitely recommend this body wash for anyone struggling with dryness, or to anyone who’s just looking to add more moisturizing ingredients to their skin without having to take an extra step in their skincare routine.

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