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You Can Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub On Amazon

You Can Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub On Amazon
Posted at 1:50 PM, Mar 25, 2021

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If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on creating a traditional spa experience at home, you may want to check out these inflatable hot tubs that are available on Amazon. Living a life of luxury is more budget-friendly than we thought!

The SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is offered by Coleman, a company that is well-known for its outdoor and recreational equipment. You’re probably familiar with Coleman coolers, airbed cots and other items that help you enjoy the great outdoors. But the Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub invites you to put “roughing it” out of your mind and enjoy a relaxing spa experience outside.

The inflatable hot tub fits up to six people and has an easy setup to get the party started. Simply inflate the hot tub with the included pump and then fill it with water. No extra tools are required.


With a capacity of 242 gallons, the tub gets connected to the water pump, which heats the water. The chemical dispenser and filter keep the chlorine at a safe level.

The electric pump also activates the 114 bubble jets and massage system, which creates a relaxing, bubbly sensation for those tired muscles.

There is a digital control panel on the pump that allows the user to set the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and jet pressure. The timer can automatically regulate the water temperature of the hot tub for up to 72 hours, which saves time and money.


The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is made with sturdy PVC material and an I-beam construction that allows portability, stability and durability. Plus, the hot tub comes with a cover for keeping debris out of the tub when it’s not in use.

We also like this inflatable hot tub from Aleko, which clocks in at a slightly lower price than the Coleman but still offers a 210-gallon water capacity and four-person build. It comes with a fitted cover for easy storage and boasts high-powered bubble jets.


Last but certainly not least is the most budget friendly of the bunch: the U-Max inflatable hot tub. Like the others, this option seats four people, comes with a cover and boasts 108 jets for the most bubbly goodness. Gather three friends and hop in for some excellent hot tubbing action at a fraction of the cost.


Make your hot tub dreams come true with these budget-friendly options and imagine the fabulous evenings you’ll spend soaking in your own backyard.

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