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NFL player Mark Andrews helps save woman’s life mid-flight with diabetic test kit

NFL player Mark Andrews helps save woman’s life mid-flight with diabetic test kit
Posted at 1:30 PM, Feb 05, 2024

NFL player Mark Andrews helped save a passenger’s life during a recent Southwest Airlines flight.

The Baltimore Ravens tight end was on a flight from Baltimore to Phoenix when there was a medical emergency on the aircraft. Thankfully, a doctor and a nurse were on board the flight, and they quickly tried to assist the passenger, who was suffering from low blood pressure and a weak pulse.

But it was Andrews who had the solution to the passenger’s medical crisis.

Andrews, who has Type 1 diabetes, suggested that the woman might have low blood sugar. He shared his diabetic testing kit, and his firsthand knowledge about the kit and diabetes. In turn, the medical experts were able to stabilize the patient and keep her comfortable until the plane was able to make a safe landing.

The Arizona native was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 9. Managing his condition requires focus and caution, especially as an active NFL player. He wears a continuous glucose monitor during games, according to a statement from the Ravens, and checks it “between every offensive series.”

Mark Andrews warming up
AP/Julio Cortez

As a college freshman, Andrews had a hypoglycemic crash after football practice. His roommate found him unresponsive on the floor and fed him fruit snacks until an ambulance could arrive.

Andrews now raises awareness about Type 1 diabetes and encourages young kids to be proactive about their health, but also not to let their diagnosis keep them from pursuing their dreams.

“I tell this to everybody: Diabetes is incredibly difficult, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Andrews told USA Today in 2019. “I’ve had people tell me I can’t do things and doubt me, whatever it may be, because of my diabetes. So I’ve used it to kind of fuel me and just shape who I am as a person.”

Andrews was humble about his role on the Southwest Airlines flight, attributing the heroism to the nurse and doctor who were on board the flight in a statement on social media:

“In addition to the fast-acting flight attendants, the real heroes are the nurse and doctor who also happened to be on the plane,” the Baltimore Ravens player said, as shared in a post by his team on X. “Thankfully they were able to provide the woman the quick assistance she needed.”

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