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Americans pessimistic about 2024 presidential choices, poll finds

Only 10% of U.S. adults said they are optimistic about the current state of politics as the presidential campaign heats up.
Americans pessimistic about 2024 presidential choices, poll finds
Posted at 6:08 AM, Dec 14, 2023

In a poll released Thursday by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, many Americans expressed pessimism about the current state of politics as the 2024 presidential election could head toward a rematch of the 2020 election. 

In the national poll, 27% of Americans said they would be satisfied if President Joe Biden became the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. The same poll found that 31% of Americans would be satisfied if former President Donald Trump became the GOP nominee. 

There appears to be a little more enthusiasm behind Trump's campaign among Republicans than Biden's bid among Democrats. Less than half — 49% — of Democrats polled said they would be happy with a Biden nomination. About 2 out of 3 — 65% — of Republicans said they would be satisfied with Trump as their party's nominee. 

But if Americans aren't thrilled with the two candidates leading in the polls, who else could be a more popular choice? Based on the AP's polling, no one. 

Only Biden had a favorability rating above 40% among a dozen current or potential presidential candidates. About 42% of those polled viewed Biden favorably, compared to 54% who don't. Trump had a 36% approval rating, while 60% disapprove. 

The poll was released one day after House Republicans voted to begin an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Trump is also facing multiple legal battles, including several criminal trials that could unfold during the buildup to the 2024 election. 

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Only independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had a higher approval rating (38%) than a disapproval rating (33%). Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie were viewed unfavorably by 50% of those polled. 

And it's not just the candidates Americans are unenthusiastic about; the poll reveals disenchantment over the general state of politics in the U.S., with 68% saying they are pessimistic about the state of U.S. politics, compared to 10% who are optimistic. 

When asked about the way our political leaders are chosen, 46% said they're pessimistic, compared to 19% who are optimistic. 

The poll comprised 1,074 adults with a margin of error of 4%. 

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