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Age of 'world's oldest dog' now in question

Bobi was reportedly 31 years old before he died last year.
Age of 'world's oldest dog' now in question
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Guinness World Records says it has suspended the title of oldest dog ever that was held by a Portuguese dog that died last year. The publication said it was reviewing the title after some veterinarians questioned his age.

Bobi, a reportedly 31-year-old guard dog, lived on a farm in the village of Conqueiros in Portugal with its owner, Leonel Costa. He was announced as the world’s oldest living dog and oldest dog ever last February. He was said to have been born on May 11, 1992. He died last October.

“While our review is ongoing we have decided to temporarily pause both the record titles for oldest dog living and ever just until all of our findings are in place,” Guinness World Records told The Associated Press by email on Tuesday.

The group said it had received correspondence from some vets questioning the dog's age and took note of public commentary from vets and other professionals.

Bobi was a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, a breed that has an average life expectancy of about 10 to 14 years. 

The Associated Press called the dog's owner, but did not get an answer. The owner also didn't respond to texts. Costa previously attributed Bobi's long life to his “calm, peaceful” home.

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