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15-year-old gets her Make-A-Wish as she's gifted miniature cow

The Tennessee girl, who grew up on a farm, has walls littered with mini cows and always dreamed of having her own.
15-year-old gets her Make-A-Wish as she's gifted miniature cow
Posted at 1:39 PM, Sep 18, 2023

A surprise in store for one tough kid was something she'd always dreamed of.

"I have pictures everywhere," said teen Brylee Crutcher, showing decorations of highland miniature cows around her room. "I have stuffed animals, bedsheets. That's a puzzle I did. I painted that picture with my sister. It's a lot of highland stuff!"

There's so much comfort for Brylee on her family's farm in Bethpage, Tennessee.

"Brylee's the fourth generation [on the farm] and sixth generation in this community," said Brylee's mother, Jennifer.

This community was ready with all the support they could give when Brylee was delivered some difficult news.

"The week before her 15th birthday, she started having a few little health problems," Jennifer continued. "We went to the doctor. She was diagnosed with malignant ovarian cancer. She cried all the way home, and I said: 'That's it. The weapon is formed, but it won't prosper, and we're going to get this done,' She's now in remission."

Throughout the journey, the people of Bethpage banded together, raising $72,000 dollars for Brylee.

"We are yet to pay a hospital bill out of our pocket," said Jennifer.

The gifts weren't finished.

A little while before Scripps News Nashville met with Brylee, a lot of people started arriving at the family farm. Brylee was taken out of school early. Driving up to the house, it was clear there was a surprise waiting. At the farm, she was gifted a miniature highland cow.

"It does not feel real," Brylee smiled. "I was, like, 'Is that mine or did somebody's cow get over here?' He's very cute. His name is Homer. He looks like a Homer."

Brylee's always wanted to adopt a miniature highland cow.

On Friday, a partnership of Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee and the Tractor Supply Foundation brought Homer to Brylee along with everything Homer will need.

"He gonna sleep in the bed with you?" Jennifer asked Brylee.

"I'm gonna need a ramp built," Brylee laughed.

"Very good day," she continued. "I'm so overwhelmed with happiness right now."

This event is Tractor Supply’s 12th Wish Reveal Celebration in collaboration with Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee.

This story was originally published by Forrest Sanders at Scripps News Nashville.

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