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10 paper planners to help you get organized in 2024

10 paper planners to help you get organized in 2024
Posted at 11:53 AM, Jan 10, 2024

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Remember how exciting it was to pick out fresh, new notebooks before the start of the school year when you were a kid? Shopping for a planner at the beginning of the year evokes that same kind of optimistic feeling.

Paper planners can help you stay organized and remind you of important deadlines. Plus, spending time filling it out can reduce stress and combat the Sunday scaries.

And planners have gone well beyond your doctor’s appointments and work deadlines. Many have spaces for setting short and long-term goals, reflecting on what went right in your week and checking in with your mental health.

Still haven’t found the best 2024 planner for you? Here are 10 great paper planners to help you get (and stay) organized in the new year.

Oprah’s The Life You Want Planner

oprah's the life you want planner

$30 at Amazon

Wouldn’t it be great to have daily check-ins with Oprah, the talk show host, philanthropist and all-around wise sage? This Oprah-approved planner is the next best thing because it’s full of advice from Oprah. It also comes with writing prompts to help you set intentions. This planner is also unique because it gives you a chance to reflect — and sometimes seeing how far you’ve come is a great way to keep momentum going forward.

FranklinCovey Original Two Page Per Day Ring-Bound Planner

franklin covey classic planner

$60 at Amazon

To-do lists aren’t always straightforward, especially if you’re a business owner, and this classic FranklinCovey planner incorporates some project management techniques to help you manage your workload. For instance, you’ll find prompts to denote the status of specific tasks. It also has dedicated spaces for top priorities, appointments, daily notes, and tracking things like expenses.

Callie Danielle 2024 Planner

Callie Danielle planner

$33 at Target

If you want an 8-by-10-inch day planner that feels like your own personal cheerleader, turn your attention to this snazzy, colorful planner designed by Houston-based artist Callie Danielle. Her seasonal themed doodles have a way of getting you excited for the months ahead. In addition to the normal features you’d expect from a planner, this one also lets you track and plan meals, monitor how much water you’re drinking, and also keep tabs on any new habits you’re trying to introduce into your life.

The Positive Planner

the positive planner

$32 at Amazon

If you’re recovering from hustle culture, this is a fantastic option for a planner. Self-care is the guiding theme in The Positive Planner, which prompts you to focus on three top priorities each day, set a daily mantra and track your mood. There’s plenty of space for reflection, too, with dedicated spaces for gratitude and tracking what went right in your day.

bloom daily planners 2024 Soft Cover Planner

bloom daily planner

$25 at Walmart

This pretty bloom planner has pages to track your spending and set budgets and spots for curating your to-do lists, but it also features goal-setting and vision board worksheets, as well as space where you can map out what your ideal week and routine would look like. Another thing that sets it apart from other planners is that it inspires you to make “random acts of kindness” part of your routine and also to not lose sight of your “joy list.”

Emily Ley Simplified Planner

Emily Ley simplified planner

$18 at Target

Pretty and functional, this cheerful Simplified journal is striped with rainbow colors and comes with a pack of stickers that you can use, say, to mark when you have a day off work and are going on vacation. (Hey, stickers aren’t just for kids!) It’s a highly customizable planner, which makes it a great option for those who love a bullet journal or any others who want to set up their journal in a way that works best for their organizational tactics. The planner was designed by Emily Ley, who is an organization expert.

Blue Sky 2024 Weekly and Monthly Planner

Blue Sky paper planner

$10 (was $12) at Amazon

Just need a straightforward planner? This low-cost, no-frills Blue Sky planner does the trick. With the 8.5 by 11-inch planner, you’re working with a lined space that’s about the size of a notecard for each day, so you can fill it in with reminders and tasks as you see fit.

Wit & Delight Undated Planner 

Wit and Delight undated planner

$16 at Target

A few things make this 8-by-10-inch Wit & Delight planner unique. For one, it flips vertically instead of having the traditional book format of most planners. Each of the 90 planning pages features a friendly little reminder to do “one thing for yourself.” Go ahead, pencil your pedicure or massage appointment in that slot. The planner also includes a section for the “big picture,” which can help guide where you focus your energy throughout the week.

2024 Amy Knapp’s The Very Busy Planner

Amy Knapp undated planner

$13 (was $17) at Amazon

Amy Knapp’s The Very Busy Planner is one that stirs creativity and makes planning fun (stickers! Color coding!). It’s filled with goal-setting prompts and encourages you to celebrate growth. There’s also a nice storage pocket inside the planner, which you can use to stash things, whether it’s gift cards, theater tickets, business cards, or, ugh, that parking ticket you need to pay. The peppy planner also comes with inspirational quotes. One thing you should note: It’s a 17-month planner that started in August 2023 rather than January.

10. Day Designer 2024 Planner

black and white Day Designer planner

$25 at Target

It’s fun and empowering to think of yourself as the designer of your day, as this journal’s cover implies. It has plenty of sections for to-do lists, top priorities, and jotting down things you’re grateful for throughout the day. The 8-by-10-inch Day Designer planner also has a storage pocket and a smart approach to goal-setting that inspires you to write down the actionable steps you’ll take to achieve your goals or resolutions.

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