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11:40 AM, Oct 23, 2018


  • Began as a 2-person agency in 1973.
  • Is one of Helena’s larger non-governmental employers with over 180 staff members.
  • Serves people who experience a wide range of developmental disabilities. Administrative &Trust Director Diana Nelson, states that even though she works at the Main Office she has the regular opportunity to share smiles and laughter with the individuals that we serve and even after 19 years, she still looks forward to coming to work every day.
  • With 13-residential facilities, 4-vocational centers, and a Supported Services program, West Mont offers many career options. Human Resources Director Troy McClymont says that if you are passionate about making a difference in others’ lives, we want you on our team. For more information, go to https://westmonthelena.com.
  • Also provides nursing care, respite, employment, vocational training, and social/recreational activities.
  • Offers many items for sale to the public including floral arrangements, tomatoes, bedding plants, and bagged ice.
  • Has many services available to the public including commercial shredding, bulk mailings, and chair & table rentals.
  • All residential facilities are staffed 24-hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week. West Mont offers employees flexible scheduling and a generous benefit package including, health, vision, dental, personal leave and 403b retirement.
  • Provides its clients with lots of opportunities to pursue other interests such as a West Mont Cheer Squad, Art Club, and Special Olympics.Program Director Ginny Heinert and a co-worker started the Cheer Squad over 10-years ago. She says clients are able to participate in an activity that they were always excluded from. As she watches the squad perform at a variety of venues, this ‘inclusion’ is what she has enjoyed seeing most. The bonus? Clients have had fun, gained confidence, and the support from the community has been amazing!

West Mont Residential Facilities

West Mont Farm & Gardens is located on 34-acres in the Helena Valley. The group home, built in 1989 is licensed for 8-adults with disabilities. Most residents also work at the Farm and/or other West Mont sites.

Tara House & Tara Apartments is an all-male complex that includes a 6-bedroom group home for 6-residents and four 2-bedroom apartments with 8-residents. Higher functioning clients reside semi-independently in their own apartment. Tara Program Coordinator Jeff Elliott came to West Mont for a summer job in 1987 and never left! He says he works with a great staff and what he enjoys most is that every day on the job is unique.

The Caldwell House – North & South was built in 2011 for West Mont’s more medically fragile clients. This coed facility is licensed for 5 people on each side. The PASS program is available for those unable to attend other West Mont vocational programs.

Ron’s Place built in 2015 is a 6-bedroom coed facility located adjacent to the Caldwell House. Clients living here are West Mont’s most medically fragile. They require more attention and nursing care than what a traditional group home provides. Clinical Coordinator, Vickie Violette, LPN says that the clients are what she likes best about working at West Mont. That they are awesome and they’re her ‘heroes.’

Cedar Apartments has 8-residents in four 2-bedrooms apartments that are located above West Mont’s VASTT location. The apartments include 2-male residents and 6-female. 3-residents participate in the VASTT program while the remaining are at other West Mont voc. sites.

Lewis and Clark is a coed duplex licensed for 5-residents on each side. This complex is located across from VASTT and Cedar Apartments. Some clients participate in West Mont vocational programs while others that are more fragile attend the onsite PASS program.

Hillside Group Home is a coed facility licensed for 8-residents. Clients living here also attend West Mont vocational programs outside the home.

Townsend House is a 6-bedroom group home with 6-male residents. Four clients participate in Townsend’s onsite PASS program with the remaining two attending vocational programs at other West Mont sites.

Melodee House a respite home that opened in 2001 was built for families/caregivers needing a break from their care giving duties. Whether for a night, a weekend, or few days, they can rest assured knowing that quality care is being provided for their loved one. The home has 3 bedrooms available for respite and accepts people with disabilities of all ages.

Humbolt Apartments is located adjacent to the Melodee House. There are 4-2-bedroom apartments. All residents are female and higher functioning. During the day they participate in other West Mont vocational programs at the flower shop, the Farm, and/or Blaine.

West Mont Vocational Sites

West Mont Farm & Gardens in addition to the group home, the Farm offers vocational training in an agricultural setting for 24-people. Employment options include 3-commercial greenhouses, animal husbandry, vegetable, flower, and pumpkin gardens. Susie states that she likes working at the Farm and is the ‘Head Pollinator.’ She loves being a West Mont cheerleader and participating in sports on West Mont’s Special Olympics team.

West Mont Flower & Trading Company is a full-service retail/wholesale flower shop and one of West Mont’s more popular vocational programs. Clients can learn floral arranging, assist with deliveries, work in the retail store, and other duties. Table and chair rentals are also available to the public. Carley says she loves working at the flower shop and earning a paycheck.

Blaine Work Services provides clients with opportunities to learn and develop vocational and life skills in a structured environment. Job options here include commercial shredding, cubed bagged ice making and deliveries, and bulk mailings.

VASTT (Vision Auditory Sound Taste Touch) is a multi-faceted day curriculum for people with disabilities who are unable to participate in more traditional employment programs. These include:

  • A Vocational area where clients can earn a paycheck doing work such as shredding and sorting and learn everyday chores such as laundry and emptying the trash.
  • In the Academics area clients practice things such as reading, writing, flashcards, counting, and repeating letters sounds. Through daily practice they can incorporate the knowledge and skills previously learned in school to ensure retention.
  • The Fitness area encourages clients to keep physically fit by participating in daily exercises designed specifically for their capabilities. Fitness tools available to them include a treadmill, stationary bike, and elliptical equipment.
  • Serenity area activities are calming and relaxing, yet also stimulate thought processes. These include listening to music and books, working on puzzles, painting, and arts & crafts projects.

West Mont offers a PASS (Personal and Social Support) program onsite for those residents who because of the nature of their disability are unable to participate in West Mont vocational programs or employment in the community.

West Mont Supported Services Programs

The staff in Supported Employment assists clients with finding meaningful jobs in the community. Support can include helping them with resumes, conducting mock interviews, teaching them dressing for success, and on the job coaching.

For clients living on their own, Supported Living staff provides the assistance needed for them to live as independently as possible. This may include help with meal planning, food preparation, shopping, personal Hygiene, money management, and safety.

West Mont Careers

West Mont is looking for compassionate and dedicated people that want to learn, and teach, valuable skills. Through our professional development model, employees receive the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and career growth. To start down your new career path, go to https://westmonthelena.com.

Our Location

2708 Bozeman Ave, Helena, MT 59601

(406) 447-3100


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