The Valuable Benefits of a Vision Savings Plan

10:36 AM, Oct 27, 2017

It is frustrating very few medical insurance policies include vision care. Many of us have little choice but to find an expensive supplemental vision insurance plan or pay for eye care out of our own pockets. This may become a problem for people who ignore regular vision care until a significant vision change is noticed. Early detection is important with eye conditions since few show symptoms in early stages.

According to the National Eye Institute, more than 11 million American have an uncorrected visual impairment that could affect their quality of life. “Routine eye examinations are valuable not only because they identify vision problems, but also because they may detect other serious health conditions such as diabetes, elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure,” says Dr. Marcus Kelley of Montana Eyecare.

How can you be smart about preventative eye care without abandoning your budget? Consider a savings plan. This is a program in which the group offering the plan provides a significant discount towards the purchase of eye care. The doctors at Montana Eyecare created their Eyecare Savings Plan to meet the needs of patients seeking comprehensive high-quality vision care at a reasonable cost. Patients can choose from a variety of benefit plans to meet their needs and stay within their budget. Here are a few smart reasons to consider this kind of plan.

1. It is available at any time

A savings plan offers patients the security of being able to access routine vision care, but at a fraction of the price than you would pay out of pocket without a membership. There are no co-pays with a savings plan and items, such as, comprehensive exams, contact lenses and glasses are offered at a reduced member price. “A savings plan makes sense because it offers patients access to quality eye care when a patient needs the service. There are no restrictions such as open enrollment that vision insurance plans utilize to limit their benefit. Savings plans can be started when you are ready,” says Dr. Kelley.

2. It offers real savings

A savings plan acts as a membership that gives you benefits as soon as you join the program. As a member, you’re guaranteed a specific set of benefits, such as 40% savings on a comprehensive eye exam or exclusive contact lens member pricing for contact lens members.

3. Membership in savings plans are based on usage

Vision insurance plans have a take-it-or-leave-it mentality and charge a premium whether or not the benefit is even used. Savings plans can be customized for each individual to fulfill their needs. Plans can be adjusted each year based on needs for that year. There are a la carte options for exam only, contacts only or glasses only. There are combination plans for individuals who need an exam and glasses and/or contacts. There really is a plan for everyone.

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