4 Important Eye Protection Tips for Halloween

3:57 PM, Oct 10, 2018

 Halloween is a ghoulishly fun time for children of all ages. It’s also a day of injury in America. More than twice as many children are hit by cars and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.

It’s also a day when the eyes are put at risk, says Dr. Bill Simons at Montana Eye Care in Helena. So as a public service to the 700 million peepers in the U.S., here are four tips to make Halloween a safe time, at least for your eyes.

  1. You Really Can Put Someone’s Eye Out
    Parents should be very careful about allowing their little ghosts and pirates to traverse the neighborhood in costumes that involve hand-held props with sharp ends. That would include a swashbuckling sword, magic wand or chuck-worthy spear. These items are a threat to everyone around your child. Accidents involving these props are a fright that is reported every Halloween
  2. Un-mask Your Bandit
    At the risk of spoiling some of the fun, if your child is planning to wear a mask, make sure it is securely affixed and doesn’t block their vision. A mask that interferes with a child’s ability to see is a nuisance and a hazard and should be left behind. Remember that on Halloween, children may need to negotiate unfamiliar landscapes and unusual barriers, like pumpkins, decorations and stairs. Their sight line must reach down as well as straight ahead.

This all holds true for wigs and floppy hats as well. Eye patches are OK as long as the child can see clearly out of the other eye.

  1. Secure All Loose Clothing and Accessories

Scarves, bandanas, hats, capes and like items must be tightly secured to ensure they don’t slip over the child’s eyes. Clothing and accessories blocking vision are not only a hazard to the eyes, they put the child at risk for falling, walking into things or failing to see oncoming danger.

  1. Nix the Decorative Contact Lenses Unless Prescribed by a Doctor

Decorative lenses give trick-or-treaters a delightfully spooky appearance, but non-prescription contact lenses introduce a host of risks to the eyes. The American Optometric Association (AOA) warns against the use of these lenses if not properly fitted, as they can cause permanent eye damage.

“Purchasing decorative contact lenses without a prescription from questionable sources can result in bacterial infections, allergic reactions or even significant damage to the eye’s ability to function, which could lead to irreversible sight loss,” the AOA says on its website.

The AOA recommends the following for decorative Halloween contact lenses:

  • See an optometrist to have the contact lenses properly fitted to your eyes;
  • Don’t share lenses to avoid spreading germs; and
  • Do not sleep in your decorative contact lenses.

Contact Montana Eyecare today at (406) 443-2121 to make an appointment or get fitted for decorative lenses. Visit MontanaEyeCare.com for more information and have fun out there on October 31st. Boo!

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