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Nov 9, 2012 1:49 AM by Marnee Banks (

Welch will ask for recount in OPI race against Juneau

After a long ballot counting process in Yellowstone County, Republican candidate Sandy Welch is planning to request a recount in her campaign to unseat incumbent Denise Juneau (D) as the Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Currently, Juneau is leading by 1,611 votes, a margin of just 0.34%.

The current tally has Juneau with 232,233 votes (50.09%), and Welch 230,622 (49.75%).

Yellowstone County election administrator Bret Rutherford tells us the folds in the absentee ballots slowed down the counting machines, forcing them to be stopped and then restarted frequently; instead of feeding 200 ballots per minute, the machines were only processing 5 to 10 ballots per minute.

A mechanic arrived at around 2 o'clock Thursday morning and was able to repair the machines so more ballots could pass through.

Rutherford says they have counted all the first pages of the ballots, so all the candidate numbers on the Secretary of State's website are final numbers.

He says any changes to those results that may occur are because the first page of the ballot might have accidentally got sorted with page 2, and they haven't counted page 2 yet.

According to state law, a candidate can request a recount if the margin is below 0.5%. If the margin is below 0.25% the state will pay for the recount. If the margin is between 0.25 and 0.5% the candidate must pay for the recount.

There are still provisional ballots being counted, so it's unclear who will pay for the recount.

Welch's campaign manager Mitch Staley says Sandy is committed to making sure the process is accurate and every vote is counted.

Earlier Thursday, Denise Juneau posted this statement on her Facebook page:

"WE WON! Thank you so much for all of your positive thoughts, well wishes, and support. I have been privileged to serve the state of Montana as your State Superintendent for the last four years. Together, we accomplished some great things. And, I look forward to serving as Montana's top advocate for public education for the next four years."


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