Aug 17, 2012 3:08 PM by Melissa Anderson (melissa@kxlh.com)

Sweetgrass Bakery staying open in Helena

The Sweetgrass Bakery, a staple in the Helena community for 25 years, was planning to close, but after a sale of equipment fell through, and with much input from loyal customers, they will now stay open under new leadership.

The news came over the weekend, after Rosy Hunter made plans to sell the business equipment to a bakery in Butte.

When customers first heard rumors that the bakery might be closing, many were shocked.

Kathy Macefield said, "My first reaction was, 'Oh no, where am I going to get my peanut butter chocolate granola bars. Get my fix?'"

Sweetgrass employee Leif Littrup noted, "We've had hundreds of calls, people stop by, people are bringing us letters. It's good to know how much Sweetgrass means to the community. And because of that community support, now that our equipment is staying here in Helena, the Sweetgrass is staying. We are open."

Now, Rosy's son Nick plans to take over the business - and says that he'll keep the secret recipes and maybe even add a few new ones.

Leif said, "We're famous for our really awesome breads and the sourdough Danish and we do a ton of treats and at lunch time we always have a pizza and sometimes two. We want to try and offer some new products as well."

The Sweetgrass will close for a week and reopen with some features; Leif said, "We want to update sort of the look of the bakery and make it as nice as we can make it."

And customers couldn't be happier; Macefield said, "I can get my fix, I can still get my hot cross buns, still get croissants. Hey, I'm thrilled that they are going to still be here!"

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