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Student Advisory Board talks about student wellness in Helena

HELENA - In the fall and spring of each year, the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) brings together the Student Advisory Board--consisting of students from all over the state--to discuss policy issues in schools. This year the topic was student wellness.

The students met with OPI Superintendent Denise Juneau (D-MT) at the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Wildlife Center.

The topic of student wellness was broad, from relationships inside and outside of school, to access to dual enrollment and AP classes, and lunch and nutrition programs.

Juneau said that gathering these students from very diverse districts from all over the state allows them to discuss and share ideas of how to make everyone's school experience better.

"This is really what it's all about and what our student experience is across the state and how are the policies that we're implementing affecting what's going on in the classrooms across the state and there's no better voice to bring to that discussion than a student voice," said Juneau.

Last spring, the advisory board discussed college and career readiness.

After the state adopted Common Core standards this year, the next gathering may focus on some of those principles, said Juneau.

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