Oct 31, 2012 9:07 PM by Lindsey Gordon (lindsey@kxlh.com)

Sexy Halloween costumes more popular than ever

Halloween costumes seem to get tighter and skimpier every year.

At its core, as practiced in modern-day America, Halloween is about dressing up and being someone other than yourself for the night.

Elizabeth Chute, PhD, a professor in the Carroll College sociology department, noted, "People very often try on other personalities. Halloween is a part of that. Any time you're wearing a mask, your behavior doesn't reflect your identity."

And putting your sexuality on display on Halloween is deemed far more acceptable than doing it at work or school.

But it is trickling down to teens and even children's costumes, and even story book characters have taken on a sexualized persona, all of which Chute finds troubling.

Chute said, "It's interpreted by young women as a power kind of a role, but it really isn't."

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