Flood Watch

May 25, 2011 2:28 PM by MDT

Road closures announced due to flooding


The information below is from Wednesday afternoon and may not be the most current.

Updated road closure information from the Montana Department of Transportation as of 12:25 pm on Wednesday:

US-87: Junction with MT 3 (Eddie's Corner) to Lewistown - Road Closed from mile marker 68 to mile marker 70. Local traffic only on each end.

US-191: Lewistown to Hilder - Road Closed; local traffic only Lewistown to Roy.

US-191: Hilger to the junction with MT 19 - Road Closed; local traffic only west of Roy.

MT-3: Shawmut to Ryegate - Road Closed from Lavina to Harlowton.

MT-3: Ryegate to junction US-12 (Lavina Junction)- Road Closed from Lavina to Harlowton.

MT-3: Harlowton to Shawmut - Road CLosed from Lavina to Harlowton.

US-12: Ingomar to Forsyth = Road Closed; mile marker 268.1, bridge out.

I-90: Hardin to Lodge Grass - Road Closed due to flooding.

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Previously announced road closures:

Here is an updated list of road closures from the Montana Highway Patrol for central and SE Montana, current as of 9:30 am on Wednesday.

MT 66 at MP 0, The Billings District's portion of MT-66 (MP 0.0 - MP 15.7) is now open. The barricades are down . - North of the Lewistown Division - MT-66 from Hays to Harlem has been reopened and there is a detour around the bridge that washed out at milepost 16.5. Traffic will exit off of MT-66 on the Lodge Pole road and then drive through Hays and then back onto MT-66. The detour is about 4 miles long.

S-244 So of Winnett MM 6.7 there is 6 inches of water on the road. Flaggers working all night.

US 87/MT-200 MP 111 there is 2 inches of water on the road.

US 191 about 10 miles north of Lewistown is closed due to a sinkhole at MP 10.1. The bridge over Warm Spring Creek near the junction with Hwy 81 is getting undermined by heavy water flow. There is a short detour around the bridge by using the Denton Cut-a-cross to Hwy 81 and then east on Hwy 81 to junction with 191.

US-87 MP 24.8 (about 5 miles north of the Junction with Secondary 244), there is 5 inches of water on road. There is one lane of traffic with MDT flaggers all night.

S-200 East of Lewistown on the Divide has a rough break. MDOT is aware of problem will be checking on it closer on Wednesday 5/25/11

Secondary 466 south of Lewistown has water on the roadway at Milepost 0.1. Approximately 3" deep for a 200' width. Signs and cones are in place. Highway is NOT closed.

US-12; from Lavina to Ryegate is CLOSED, no traffic allowed through. From Ryegate to Harlowton, local traffic only. Flooding is from the Mussellshell River overflow. Signage is in place at Lavina, Ryegate and Harlowton .

US-191; from the junction with Hanover Rd to Bohemian Corner (jct with MT-19) is CLOSED due to a weakened bridge at MP 38.5. No through traffic. Local traffic is allowed between Lewistown and Roy. Complete closure between Roy and Bohemian Corner.

US-12; MP 133; East of Ryegate has 8 inch deep water with a length of 500 to 600 feet flowing over the road and carrying large trees and branches in the debris. MDT people are on the scene monitoring traffic that they are letting through.

US-191; Downtown Lewistown; has 8-10 inches of water at its deepest. The sheriff's department is on scene directing traffic on a higher ground road so traffic can get through town.

Secondary 239; south of Hobson, at MP 3: there is about 4 inches of water on the road for about 100 feet. Signs and cones are in place.

Highway 212 CLOSED at Rockvale

Highway 421 CLOSED at 212 Joliet to Columbus

Zimmerman Road is CLOSED.

I-90 Hardin to Wyoming Line is CLOSED. Water is over the road at Crow Agency,

US-212 at Crow Agency is CLOSED. Water is over the road at the I-90 Interchange.

Highway 1 in Crow Agency is CLOSED

S-451 that runs Parallel to I-90 from Garryowen to the Wyoming State Line is CLOSED.

Secondary 314, at intersection with HWY 212: is CLOSED from Kirby to the Wyoming Border. There is a barricade at Kirby and at the Wyoming border.

Pryor Creek Rd (County Road) from I-90 to I-94 Road CLOSED. Road and bridge are collapsing.

Dickie Road (County Road) in Lockwood is CLOSED where it passes under I-90 due to runoff and mudslides coming from the interstate.

US-212 from Rockvale to Red Lodge is closed. Local traffic only is permitted from Rockvale to the east side of Joliet & from the west side of Joliet to Red Lodge. Currently there is 1.5 feet of water on the roadway thru the town of Joliet. Thru traffic from Rockvale to Red Lodge may detour thru Bridger & Belfry.

S-421 CLOSED from the junction with Hwy 78 2 miles south of Columbus to the junction with Hwy 212 south of Joliet is closed due to flooding. Water depth at MM 17 is 6-10 inches.

I-94 MM 63: The off ramp is CLOSED due to water flowing across the road.

On Secondary 298 (the Main Boulder Road), is CLOSED from MP 0.2 to the end of the road due to high water on the road. There is signage in place and MDT personnel are manning the road. Local traffic is only allowed through to MP 10.

Frontage Road (Route X-81014) north of I-90 between the Greycliff Interchange and the Bridger Creek Interchange has been reopened. It is now CLOSED from the East Interchange to the Greycliff Interchange on this road. The interstate is being used as the detour route for through traffic.

S 522 which runs from I-90 north into the town of Huntley, also called Northern Ave: There is a bridge just north of the Pryor Creek Bar that has water running over it.& is CLOSED Traffic will not be able to pass over it. Both ends of the bridge have been barricaded.

WATER HAZARDS - Billings Division

MT-47 MM 6 to MM 7 (north of Hardin) has water on the road.

S 313 between St. Xavier and Ft Smith has been reopened. The bridge at mm 24 is soft. Truck traffic will not be allowed to cross the bridge. The cut across at Good luck Bridge to Lodge grass has been closed by BIA

S 418 (also known as Blue Creek or Pryor Road) from MP 3.7 to Pryor the road is open with caution that water remains on the road.

S-419; Jct with MT-78 to Nye water is on the roadway in the town of Fishtail at MP 6. The water flow is approximately 400 feet long in one lane and up to 8 inches deep in some places. MDT personnel are monitoring it at the site.

US-212 MP 63 (about 5 miles south of Red Lodge) Water on the road. Signs in place.

S-463,runs through the town of Lodge Grass, has water on the road at MP .9

Old Hwy 87 about 1 mile north of Garryowen in Big Horn County, there is water on the road.

S 463 west of Lodge Grass, there is water on the road due to heavy rain at MP 3 and MP 3.5.

MT 78 MP 15.5 west of Red Lodge: There has been a slide which is not affecting the road, but the speed limit has been reduced to 35 mph

MT 78 MP 11.9 to 12.2 (west of Red Lodge) has water on road. Signage in place.

MT 78 MP 46.2 (south of Columbus) has water on the road. Signs are in place.

S-302 (Molt Road) MP 17.3 (near Molt) Water on the road. 4" to 6" in Eastbound lane. Advisory signs are in place.

Hwy 87S at Johnson Lane south to mm 1. MDT has been re-opened with water on road at mm 1.

HWY 72 mm 11; construction project north of Belfry. Flaggers with one lane traffic.

On the Frontage Road, west of Big Timber, there is water on the road at MP 7. It is approximately 300' wide 3-4" deep. Advisory signs are in place.

74th & King by Railroad Bridge (West of Billings) mp 13 has water on the westbound lane. About 4". Signage is in place.

US-312 (X56788); MP 5.6; intersection with 12 Mile Road has about an inch deep of water crossing the
Road. Signage and cones have been set up.

I-90; at MP 376 to 377, there is water on both EB and WB lanes. The sheriff's deputy and DOT personal are on scene flagging traffic to the passing lane.

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