One Class At A Time

Jan 15, 2013 11:29 AM by Matt Jones

One Class At A Time: Industrial Arts in Augusta

The industrial arts program at the school in Augusta will soon expand, thanks to the weekly "One Class At A Time" grant, sponsored by KXLH and First Interstate Bank.

Tim Love, the industrial arts instructor, accepted $250 grant amidst a crowd of cheering students and faculty.

He plans on using the money to help in the purchase of a new welding table for his metals lab and says it will help his students excel in their welding courses, and ultimately open them up to more opportunity when they graduate.

Love noted, "A welder can make a good living and always have an opportunity for employment, and in the high school setting if they can get excited about these hands-on opportunities, that's only going to nurture them and maybe they'll go on to a COT level or vocational school."

The welding class also offers students a unique opportunity to get away from the normal classroom setting and put their skills to the test.

Thane Thompson, a senior, said, "It's better than sitting in a classroom and reading books all day and it gives me a chance to actually work with my hands and do something that I enjoy, and this year, especially being a senior, you get to make something that will last and is actually worthwhile making so it's nice."

Fellow Senior Luke Severinsen has been working hard all semester building a barbeque grill in his metals course and says it's been a challenge but seems to have the same opinion as his classmates: "I like to do some hands-on stuff instead of being in the classroom and do bookwork and I can use this later in the future."

The cost of a new welding table is about $500, so the $250 will cover half the cost.

Click here to learn more about the One Class At A Time program.


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