One Class At A Time

Jan 8, 2013 5:58 PM by KXLH

One Class At A Time helps teachers, students

For the past several years, KXLH partnered with First Interstate Bank to award classrooms around the community with grant money to help enhance education.

As we hit the half way point of the school year, we look back on some of the Helena classrooms that have benefited from the $250 grants in our One Class At A Time program.

In November, music classes at Smith Elementary School hit a high note when teacher Abby Nyhof's classroom was awarded $250.

Nyhof explained, "I'm planning to purchase a Nexus 7 tablet which is an Android tablet and we are going to start building a music portfolio, and so each of my kids will be able to record themselves singing playing instruments, songs they have composed and then by the time they get to 5th grade they will have a whole portfolio of themselves and show what they have learned all the way through elementary music."

Later in the month, it was Mary Jo O'Brian's turn to be surprised; each of her Rossiter Elementary School science students can now have their own specimen to dissect.

She explained, "A synthetic owl pellet, so we don't have to worry about germs, and when they dissect the owl pellet they will be able to see what the owl had in fact eaten and we will take that and put the little skeleton back together."

And in December, Kessler Elementary School's science program got a funding boost; the grant will help Justine Albert's 4th-grade classroom learn about electricity.

Albert said, "Create jitterbots, which I like to do with the kids every year. It goes along with our movement, electricity units. So, they're learning how to create circuits closed and opened and create movement with those."

We'll continue to hand out grants to educators for the rest of the school year; to learn more, to apply, or to nominate a teacher or class, click here.


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