Feb 17, 2010 8:39 PM by Marnee Banks/KXLH

Juneau addresses Indian Education For All conference in Helena

Educators from across Montana gathered at the Red Lion Colonial Inn in Helena to engage in a discussion about how to teach Native American history and culture.

The Office of Public Instruction wrapped up their "Best Practices" conference today with keynote speaker Denise Juneau, superintendent of public education.

Juneau says the "Indian Education For All" statute must accomplish three things.

MT Superintendent of Public Education Denise JuneauFirst, she says that all Montanans, both Indian and non-Indian, should be encouraged to learn native culture. She also says educators must work with Montana tribes to educate students. And Juneau adds that all school personnel must have an awareness of Indian tribes.

Juneau noted, "Many voices have been heard since Indian Education For All was included in the Constitution, (in) 1972, and now all of you are adding your voices to this most important educational initiative. All of you sitting in this room will decide the future of Indian Education For All."

Montana is the only state with a law requiring educators to include Indian curriculum in the classroom.

To learn more, click here to visit the Indian Education For All website.


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