Feb 22, 2013 1:43 PM by Irina Cates (Missoula)

Johnson on rape accusation: "Not how I was raised to be"

MISSOULA - The rape trial of suspended UM quarterback Jordan Johnson continued on Thursday, as jurors heard from Johnson via a video of him talking with detectives last spring during a taped interview.

The court also heard testimony from the detective who conducted that initial interview with the suspended University of Montana quarterback.

Missoula Police Detective Connie Brueckner told the jury about her investigation into the alleged rape, including a taped interview with the accuser, and Johnson told detectives that he would never rape someone, because he's not that type of person.

He said he was afraid to come in for an interview with police because other than a speeding ticket he's never been in trouble.

In that interview, Johnson also described the night of the alleged rape in graphic detail.

Johnson said, "If she would have ever said 'stop' or 'no,' I would have stopped. It's not the kind of person that I am - not how I was raised to be."

He said after the two had sex they didn't talk. Johnson said looking back on the night, he should have talked to the woman and been more compassionate.

Prosecutors will continue their case on Friday; it's expected the rest of the video will be shown Friday morning.


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