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Mar 14, 2012 6:58 PM by David Sherman (Great Falls)

Humor website The Onion spoofs Montana primary process

Montana will never capture the attention of a Presidential campaign the way that Iowa or New Hampshire do, with their early primary and caucus events.

And Montana can't compete with California, Texas, and New York when it comes to courting Presidential candidates based on population; many cities in those states have more people than there are in all of Montana.

But the Onion News Network - a satirical news website/TV program - isn't letting that spoil the fun for Montana.

In a recent video, ONN "political analyst" Jason Copeland takes a satirical - and completely fake - look at "Montana's unique primary process, in which the state's delegates are awarded to the winner of a no-holds-barred street fight."

The video, complete with flashy graphics and animation, highlights the absolutely fake primary process, which takes place in the parking lot of the fictitious Stumble Inn Bar on Highway 15 in Missoula.

Copeland says that Montana voters are unique, and that "they value individuality, they value brute physical strength, it's the only thing they trust."

Copeland adds that Montana governor "One-Eyed Sue" (pictured above) has endorsed Rick Santorum.

Note: the video does contain several brief scenes of cartoon violence, and even a tiny bit of salty language.

Romney, Santorum Supporters To Beat Each Other Up At Montana Primary

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