Oct 11, 2012 10:23 PM by Evan Weborg (evan@kxlh.com)

Helena students delight in learning about archeology

The Montana Historical Society is keeping students current about the past, as "Archeology Day" was held in Helena.

Nearly 500 students took a step back in time during the event.

Archeologist Stan Wilmoth explained, "One of the things that we want to instill is a sense of time and history and changes through time, but also primitive technologies like stone boiling, flint-knapping, recognition of those archaeology skill that people in the past had."

The crowd favorite was the hands-on experience using the atlatl.

PrimitiveWays.com explains:

The atlatl was used for thousands of years almost worldwide. It had the advantage of lengthening the throwing arm of the hunter, thus more leverage to increase the speed of the dart. Despite the worldwide variations in the design of the atlatl, the basic components are still the same. They all incorporate a handle connected to a shaft with a spur.

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