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Exploration Works uses grant to launch teacher resource center

With the help of a grant, the Helena science center ExplorationWorks has put together kits to loan out to area teachers to help them bring applicable science lessons to kids.

With that grant from Boeing, ExplorationWorks was able to develop a teacher resource center.

"The premise behind the teacher resource center was really to provide hands on resources for both teachers and kids in their classrooms so that it makes it super easy for teachers just to pick up a kit, bring it in the classroom and just go," said Alec Kerins, the director of programming and exhibits for ExplorationWorks.

But it hasn't been utilized like they had hoped.

"The response has been slow only because of the marketing which is why we got this grant," said Kerins.

Another grant from Boeing will help them market the program and make it more accessible.

Lorry Webster, a spokesperson from Boeing said this,"Boeing believes that and we all here believe that it's very important to give back to the communities where we live and work."

In this technological age, it is more important than ever to invest in science.

"Science is all about technology and especially with these new science standards coming out with technology and engineering being folded into these standards, we're working on that with these kids as well," said Kerins.

It makes sense that the Boeing company would invest in this program.

"We're Boeing. We're in the airplane industry and of course those are areas that hopefully our future employees will come from," adds Webster.

Soon these kits will be easier to use and to get them into classrooms. For the time being, as they pilot the teacher resource program, it's completely free for teachers to use.

The new grant money will go towards building easier instructions for teacher to follow for demonstrations and allow ExplorationWorks to build an online tool for teachers to "check out" and reserve kits.

Click here to learn more at the Exploration Works website.

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