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Mar 8, 2013 4:28 PM by Melissa Anderson (melissa@kxlh.com)

County Commissioners want 3 more candidates before choosing new member

HELENA - Lewis & Clark County Commissioners have decided to ask for three more names before choosing their next commissioner.

Commissioner Mike Murray said while the three candidates who were submitted to them by the Republican Central Committee did a great job in answering questions last week, he feels they wouldn't be doing due diligence without asking for three more.

Commissioner Andy Hunthausen agreed.

The law allows up to six candidates to be chosen to replace the commission seat left by Republican Derek Brown.

Commissioners then will be able to choose from any of the six candidates.

(February 26, 2013) Lewis & Clark County Commissioners are one step closer to filling the seat vacated by former Republican Commissioner Derek Brown.

On Tuesday, they heard directly from the three candidates vying to fill the seat: Gilda Clancy, Pat Faber, and Dan Wickens.

County Commission candidates

Clancy is a former state legislator from the district and is currently a partner in a family business brokering land royalties and leases.

Faber is a hydro-geologist consultant on issues relating to water and the environment.

Wickens is a former Marine intelligence officer. He works to protect the Montana National Guard from crime, such as terrorism, disaster and cyber attacks.

The candidates were asked how they see teamwork and compromise in setting goals and making decisions in the future.

Clancy: "Our decisions as County Commissioners are not Democrat decisions, they are not Republican decisions. They are decisions for the good of the people."

Faber: "No more fighting. I don't know the specific issues between you and Mr. Brown - the intention is not to fight."

Wickens: "It's OK to disagree with someone philosophically, but to disagree with them personally then, in my opinion, crosses a line."

The candidates all said they believed that compromise on important decisions is a must for the good of the public.

They were also asked about their perspective on what they feel is a priority in the county.

Clancy: "I see flooding in the valley as a huge issue and it's something that needs to be taken care of properly."

Faber: "Everything dealing with growth. It's a large category but I think that's the number one issue."

Wickens: "Helping to facilitate those things that have already been put in place by the people that have done the hard research."

County Commissioners will consider today's testimony and any public comment from now until March 6th.

They plan to make a decision on March 7 to either appoint one of these three candidates or ask for three more.

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