Jun 19, 2013 6:16 PM by Melissa Anderson (melissa@kxlh.com)

Boeing Helena making its mark on new "Dreamliner" jet

HELENA - Boeing Helena is making its mark on the world by fabricating parts for the company's newest jet.

Boeing debuted it's new 787-10 "Dreamliner" at the legendary air show in Paris this week.

Boeing Helena is responsible for making two parts for the side of the body where the wings attach to the fuselage.

The release of the newest plane to the Boeing family should mean job security for those who work at the fabricating site in Helena.

Beverly Holland of Boeing Helena said, "All of the parts that we manufacture currently for the 787, will also be manufactured for the new 787-10. So any changes in the employment, however, will be determined as the design of production plan continue to take shape."

Although the first plane delivery won't be made until 2018, four airline companies have placed their orders for 102 of them.

The new longer-bodied jets also hold 13% more cargo.

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