Oct 11, 2010 12:22 PM by Marnee Banks (KXLH-Helena)

Allen Gailushas drops suit over Helena sex ed curriculum

Kristi Allen Gailushas has dropped her lawsuit against the Helena School District and the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Allen Gailushas had sued the two agencies over the Helena School District's proposed health curriculum, which includes a controversial sex-education portion.

In a press conference on August 20, 2010, Allen Gailushas stated she was asking for an immediate injunction to stop the curriculum drafting process from going any further.

"Sex education is a social issue, it does not belong in the schools, it belongs in the home. As well as nutrition that belongs in the home, I don't believe the school has the right to be teaching that either," Gailushas said in the August press conference.

A press release dated Monday, October 11, states: "She [Allen Gailushas] had been forced to dismiss her case against the Helena School District."

The press release said initially she had the backing of several community members but, "When it came down to the bottom line, Kristi found the halls of justice were empty when it came to actual help or support against the legal monster she challenged."

When Allen Gailushas filed the suit she did not have an attorney to represent her, instead listing herself as her own attorney. The press release states that she couldn't find an attorney in Helena to represent her so she had to look out of town.

"Being forced to seek legal assistance from out of town quickly exposed an insurmountable financial burden on Kristi’s family. Limited financial support from only a handful of individual citizens left Kristi unable to meet the meticulous demands of the judicial process," the press release says.

Allen Gailushas wrote, "I will pull two of my daughters out of the public school system if the curriculum passes."

The Helena School Board will vote on the proposed health curriculum on Tuesday evening at 6 pm at the Capital High School Theatre.

The Helena School District released the second draft revisions on Friday. Click here to read the new draft.

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